We provide you with the right monitoring software.

Several systems exist on the market which measure physiological data of individuals or teams.  These systems provide large amounts of data. However, the interpretation of these amounts of data is often an issue. BioRICS automates the extraction of useful condition parameters out of these data. The data are analysed and interpreted by means of software (algorithms) which can be adapted to the need of the trainer, coach or manager.

What is an algorithm?

An algorithm is software that analyses data and translates these into specific useful parameters. 

In other words, the raw data obtained from biosignals captured on the body, are run by the software and extract information such as heart rate recovery, average heart rate, heart rate zones etc. 

As an example, a BioRICS algorithm runs in the microprocessor of Adidas' new product: the "Micoach Elite system" which measures heart rate parameters for professional soccer teams.

For more info, see http://discover.adidas.be/goallin/news/2012/07/performance-football-allin-mls